Tigris River (fleuve Tigri) – Iraq, Roberto Giudici 2014

Tigri River - Iraq, Roberto Giudici 2014

Copyright 2014 – Roberto Giudici. All Rights reserved.

This photo of the Tigris River has been taken at 40000 ft on flight from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi on 10 April 2014.
That was unset there and the aircraft was approx at 100 miles off Bagdad.

Camera : Pentax k-3
Lens Pentax 55-300 mm.

For more information go to http://www.robertogiudici.com

Cette photo du fleuve Tigri (Iraq) a été prise à bord d’un vol Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi le 10 Avril 2014. La photo a été prise à une altitude de 12000 metres.

Boitier : Pentax k-3
Optique Pentax 55-300 mm.

Ho preso questa foto del fiume Tigri (Iraq) durante un volo Amsterdam – Abu – Dhabi il 10 Aprile 2014. La foto é stata presa  a 12000 metri d’altezza.

Macchina fotografica : Pentax k-3
Obiettivo Pentax 55-300 mm.


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